Just in case the word doesn’t ring a bell, it means “the quality of being exciting, energetic and sexually attractive”. In everyday language: a what makes you notice, love, and respond positively to something or somebody”. In this case, to a very extraordinary car ad.

So, how do you measure that?

Paid media is often valued and purchased based on a measured opportunity to be seen by the targeted audience. Then it’s up to you as an advertiser to make the most of that space. Which is not that easy. Potential buyers are drowning in commercial messages every day, and according to available statistics they ignore or actively dislike most of them.

At best, you’ve got 3-5 seconds to get past that initial screening.


So, in these few seconds, you must make sure that your critical audience finds your message and offering relevant, interesting, and valuable enough for further examination.

Relatively few car ads get noticed at first glance, and even fewer lead to further exploration. But every step they take towards a deal is worth a lot.

As a car dealer, you always have two perspectives:

  • Show what you’ve got to sell right now in the most attractive and engaging way. And doing that for hundreds of new and used cars with varied specifications can be a challenge for anyone.
  • If they are not ready to buy, or you don’t have the exactly right car for them right now, take the opportunity to sell yourselves as a preferred retailer. And give them good reasons to come back soon.



So, what about that vital Oomph factor? How do you convey “exciting, energetic and sexually attractive” in a small ad, in just a few seconds?

Looks are important of course, from every conceivable angle. But, also in the online ad, love, at first sight needs to be immediately confirmed and secured by the exactly right specifications, functions, and features.

This is only one reason why car dealers around Europe now use video technology to make all their car ads way more energizing and engaging while at the same time lowering total sales costs- Another is to stand out as a first choice dealership, in tune with today’s customer expectations.

Advertising professionals tend to value and measure it in terms of “impact” and “creativity”. For you, as a car dealer, it’s more than anything about revenues and costs.

In plain English: More bang-for-the-buck.


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Never mind the advanced technology. To fully recognise the power of Phyron in your marketing strategy you’ve got to see it with your own eyes.