Our modern world is rapidly changing beyond recognition. But our brains remain the same, hardwired for survival in a hostile environment thousands of years ago.

Research confirms, for example, how we respond to perceived threats in terms of “flight or fight”.  In a blog post titled The Human Brain: Hardwired for Motion, Kris Konrath described how we specifically respond towards perceived movement. We especially react to other creatures in our immediate environment …

… unexpectedly changing direction

… coming towards us

… coming fast

… or even accelerating

This response is evidently designed to help us avoid urgent threats, but also to catch whatever prey we crave for dinner. Today, we might rather need it to survive in traffic, but our ancient, hardwired brain still affects our perception in other aspects of our everyday lives.


Motivational and educational

One reason why video ads are more powerful than radio or print ads is that it is “more lifelike”. And the main reason why it is more lifelike is that it moves.

If there is a lot of information to take in and digest, video can also help presenting more information faster while setting the targeted audience in a more positive, relaxed, and perceptive mode. So, the audience is more alert, more motivated to take in the information, and more likely to remember it, too. That’s why video is such an outstanding tool in educational environments.

Whenever a carmaker introduces a new model, video is the natural bearer of all sorts of emotional signals, from safety and family values to youth, to power, and sex appeal. This has always been the first choice for introducing new cars.

The main reason why it is not used to sell used cars is that each vehicle offers a unique combination of visual impressions, features and benefits. And each buyer has a unique set of priorities. Conventional video production is simply too expensive and too time-consuming to sell a specific used car. This is why mass-customized video-based cars ads are now becoming the new standard for leading car dealerships across Europe.

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