After 10 years in premium car sales and business management, Shaun Bosley joined Phyron UK as Strategic Client Manager in October 2021:

“Having worked with Mercedes Benz and other great cars, I knew how difficult it can be to convey the impact and qualities of a great car in the showroom online, especially with a tiny standard ad in crowded product pages.

“So I was both intrigued and excited to learn about Phyron’s fresh approach to car advertising. It addresses several critical issues for a car dealer: Attracting more leads online, making them stay longer on the site, digging into the detailed specifications, and finding good reasons to stick with the dealership, too.

“Nobody has done anything like this before, nobody had the technology to do it. So I did not hesitate one minute when I was invited to join them. It’s not just creative, it obviously attracts more car buyers, too. And the timing is absolutely right.”

Highlights all reasons-to-buy

Now Shaun works directly with major car dealerships around the country, sharing the company’s new office in Brighton with the country manager, Graeme Dengate. He says:

“Over the past 18 months, an impressive number of dealerships have introduced our automated solution to add a video to every single car ad. Everybody talks about the power to attract more viewers, but it goes way deeper than that. The video-based presentation embedded in every ad effectively allows the dealer to highlight all the reasons-to-buy in an attractive and engaging way. Staying longer on the site and with the specific car ad also increases the chances of taking the next step.”

Now that corona restrictions are gradually being lifted, Shaun looks forward to spending more time on the road, meeting more car sales, and marketing people up north.


Doing more to sell the dealership

He also wants to emphasize another benefit that may not be obvious to everyone:

“Competition between dealers and with other sales channels is getting pretty fierce, and I strongly believe that many dealerships could do more to sell themselves. Each one offers unique benefits in terms of extraordinary services, local activities, environmental programs, or what have you. Benefits that they may take for granted but could help to sway potential buyers in the right direction. And at least some of that can easily be automatically integrated into the car ads, as well.”

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