AUTOMATION IS RAPIDLY BECOMING the only competitive way ahead. The only way to achieve extreme precision, and the only way to minimize human error and unnecessary costs. Usually, it is discretely embedded in increasingly sophisticate everyday products and systems, and in the way they are produced. So natural, so omnipresent that we often take it for granted.

Driverless buses – and spaceflight

In space, automation now enables “driverless” spaceflights without trained pilots. Some critics argue that this is motivated by the added seats freed for paying passengers.

Driverless passenger cars on open roads are now in experimental mode, but in several cities driverless buses are already in scheduled traffic. Sure, there are still limitations and complications to sort out, but perfection is said to be just around the corner. Whatever you think about that, continued refinement of digital communication seems to be key.

Consequently, in the communications sector, major investments are now being made to move way beyond 4G and 5G towards hugely improved bandwidth and, especially, latency. Latency is targeted to be reduced from 100 to 1 (one) milli-second, which would dramatically speed up the continued evolution of driverless vehicles and effective, safe traffic infrastructures.

Yesterday’s development of automation was all about productivity, now it is increasingly about improved customer relations and service as well. The question is not if, but rather who will first turn that opportunity into market leadership.

Many jobs will no doubt be lost in the automation processes, but don’t worry. According to one McKinsey study, 2.6 new jobs will be created for every job lost.


Marketing automation

Automation is key to the continued evolution in production, distribution, and administration as well as marketing. Marketing automation essentially means applying digital technology to track and analyze buyer behavior and manage every conceivable aspect of marketing communication. From email, mobile messaging and ad campaigns to social media marketing.

Yesterday’s blunt mass marketing is gradually being upgraded to high-precision and integrated one-to-one communication at all levels. Sophisticated software is applied to recognize and respond to individual needs and preferences via all channels and throughout the buying process.

Marketing automation enables companies to get a more accurate and detail insight into the minds and behavior of potential buyers, prioritize leads, and follow up everyone in the most effective way. From the nursing of brand preferences to customized, highly efficient sales support.

Last mile to purchase

In the automotive industry, many dealers now use an automated SaaS solution to engage potential buyers the last mile to a buying decision, presenting every single car in stock with a unique = mass-customized video. These automatically generated videos are then used throughout the buying process. From first sight in ads and social media to a detailed digital presentation in the dealer’s digital showroom.

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