In today’s business world, images speak both louder and faster than words. And Phyron’s visual marketing guru Sanjith Baboolal certainly takes that old truth one great leap further.

He grew up in Toronto, Canada with a Spanish mother and a South African father of Indian descent. After multimedia, design, and project management studies in Toronto, he moved to Europe and worked with several design and advertising agencies in Madrid, Lisbon, and Paris where he now resides with his family. From there he continues his professional odyssey, working with automated video for Phyron’s clients around Europe and beyond.

Wow, Sanjith. That’s quite a journey. Where do you feel most at home?

Haha, home is where I hang my hat. But seriously, I love traveling and feel at home wherever I have family and friends. And I do appreciate the subtle differences in terms of business cultures, food, art and design, and everyday life. Even though the differences are becoming less evident over time.

Subtle differences, you say …

For good and for worse, some business cultures are for example more formal and hierarchical than others. You simply need to feel what works where, and adapt. Social and historical differences have always been a fact of life, without them the world would be a lot less interesting place to be.

What do you do, exactly?

As part of Phyron’s Marketing team, I work with everything from sales and seminar presentations to social media, print and ads. Plus assisting the video team with whatever graphics are needed. The website of course, and all kinds of stuff required behind the scene in account-based marketing and other sophisticated online techniques. At heart I’m first and foremost dedicated to the graphic design involved in all this, and to developing creative ideas together with our copywriter. Ideas in tune with our promise to bring all cars in stock to life; ideas that somehow must connect with car dealer’s needs, hearts and minds.


You’ve got quite an impressive CV, what more can you learn from working with Phyron?

Professionally, I’m learning a lot about video of course. And there is an ongoing, never-ending evolution in the digital era, where visual is coming strong on all fronts. The entire concept of automated video is a total game changer, so the educational aspect is critically important, too. It’s a bit like my previous job with account-based marketing, you’ve got to explain before you can sell.

You are based in Paris, working with colleagues in Stockholm, London and Dubai. How did that work out during the pandemic?

Surprisingly well, actually. In many ways, a disciplined online team can be more productive than a traditional organization. And together, we have achieved a lot during lockups and travel bans. But in early September, after seven months in total isolation in front of a computer screen, I attended a Phyron meeting in Stockholm. It was great to finally meet everybody face to face for the first time.

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