Living in an increasingly visual world, it is easy to take the power of visual communication for granted – a fundamental fact of life. And when we hear words like “iconic” or “image”, we usually relate them to the business result, rather than the means required to achieve them. Means like high-quality photography and video.

Design and advertising agencies around the world build their entire business on “visual storytelling”, conveying ideas of enviable youth, adventure, sports, romance, parenthood, good eco-living, or wealth.

Such fundamental ideas can sometimes be conveyed, understood, and appreciated through a single great picture. To take that appreciation one step closer to a deal you need a well-considered, designed, and produced video. It’s more life-like, faster, more informative, more exciting to watch, and easier to remember.



Automated generation of high-quality car sales videos is now being used by a growing number of local and international car dealerships. Automation saves time and money. It also means that each one of these dealers can afford to present individual videos for every car in stock, and that video gradually becomes the new normal.

So, what do you do to attract, engage, inspire and activate more potential buyers in this new, video-centric marketplace? With Phyron’s automated video solution it is easy to present the best features of every new and used car in stock in all relevant social and media channels. Which leaves more time for personal follow-up and closing more deals faster.

To stand out in the crowd you may also consider local branding activities, presenting your company’s services and your entire stock in your physical and digital showroom as well as social and other online media. True omnichannel marketing.

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