For a car dealer, automated video is all about, well, automation. Connect the entire car catalogue with its existing images, graphics, and relevant data to Phyron’s video o generator. And get high quality videos for every car in stock in return.

How does it work? And what can the car dealer do to ensure even better videos with minimal extra work? We asked Robert Eskekärr, Senior Creative at Phyron.

Hi Robert. What can you do to optimize the quality of the still

As for image quality, we mostly work with the lighting, like darkening or lighting up parts of the image, either for aesthetic reasons or to highlight important details. To make it more interesting for the viewer we can, for example, apply zooming effects. To a certain extent, we can also sharpen up a blurred images, and clean up backgrounds. But we must never overdo the effects.

How many still pictures does it take to generate a good video?

The absolute minimum is 5 or 6, but to make the video attractive and interesting we usually recommend at least 10 exterior shots from different angles, and maybe 4 or 5 interior views. Like, front seat, back seat, instrument panel, steering wheel … plus any feature worth highlighting, like fancy wheel rims or an extra-large digital screen.


What can the dealer do about image quality?

Lighting is always important. A common mistake is to photograph the cars outdoors. This might look like a great idea, especially on a sunny day, but then it is almost impossible to control the light. With the right lighting and steady hands, the camera of a regular, late model iPhone should be good enough. And often most practical if you’ve got hundreds of cars to shoot.

If you are confident with your camera you could blur the background to achieve a softer, more emotional impression. Just make sure that you get clear shots of the cars.

You should also keep the background as clean as possible, not showing other cars or other disturbing elements. If you can designate a windowless corner of your garage or showroom for your photo sessions you might save a lot of time.

What’s your role at Phyron all about?

Every day brings new challenges. Short-term, I work with the technical team to realize ideas and requests from our customers. Beyond that, I initiate and help to develop new effects and solutions. Not only for our customers’ video templates but for ads, social media, and other applications, too.

Sounds like you’ve got some fascinating workdays. What’s your background?

I have worked with commercial film and video production in advertising agencies and with special effects in movies with a company in London.


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