It’s really cool to see how fast new, game-changing tech morphs into everyday work tools. In car sales, for example, you easily juggle loads of facts about hundreds or even thousands of vehicles at the touch of a button. The new frontier is rather how to give each one of these cars a fighting chance with a killer presentation to more well-informed and increasingly disloyal buyers in your online showroom. A showroom wide open to all sorts of competition.

That’s my fight too. As Phyron’s partnership developer, I work closely with automotive and other marketplaces, as well as automotive software companies around the world. To ensure compliance and smooth cooperation every step of the way I stay in touch with car manufacturers and other relevant parties. And, to never lose the end-user perspective I also work directly with retailers in a few selected markets.


A fast learning curve

I didn’t get here by accident. Five years ago I got involved in IoT. Internet of Things, smart systems communicating with each other to make life and work a bit easier for us humans. Most people thought about it as something for the future, but it was already evolving fast under the radar. Then I moved on to digital brand building with one of Scandinavia’s most innovative digital marketing agencies. I can’t help it, there’s something special about disruptive new technology…

I don’t know who coined the phrase that one Internet year equals 7 calendar years, but I learned a lot during my 5 x 7 = 35 years in the business. So here I am again, applying these fresh insights to help our customers’ customers sell cars easier, faster, at a lower cost using automated video powered by Artificial Intelligence.

It’s all about volume and speed

There are plenty of tech solutions around to enhance images, but nobody can deny that a life-like video comes much closer to a personal encounter. It’s more engaging, addressing both the heart and mind. The problem is … The problem was that regular video technology was developed for one-off presentations (in this case, one unique car at a time), and thus incredibly cost and labour intense to use for an entire used car catalogue.

Business-wise, we address car dealers’ needs to shorten the sales process, significantly cutting the costs for storage, and minimizing the risk of discount sales, repeated cleaning and media advertising, and so forth.


As for brand-building, one key is to differentiate. Especially now that the buying journey increasingly take place online, and competing car sellers are just one click away. Another key is ensuring a consistent customer experience throughout that journey, via all online and offline channels. The local dealer cannot win by just being local, not anymore.

In my experience, there are no secrets for success. Simply look at the most successful online retailers. Generally speaking, automotive trails at least 5 years behind most consumer businesses. Add to that a listening mind, an open customer dialogue, and always consider the buyer’s point-of-view.

What really keeps me on my toes is sharing the huge bank of knowledge and experience of our customers, and their customers. And the insight that today’s ground-breaking solution is only the beginning of a new era where automated marketing efforts is the de facto industry standard”.

Anton Johnsson
Strategic Partnerships

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