He has spent a quarter of a century in sales, marketing and media and, most recently, as co-founder and Sales Director of Phyron. Say hi to Per Laredius.

Hi Per. As an entrepreneur in a fast moving startup business you are leading a rather intense life. What do you do to wind down and recharge your batteries?

Like most people I do some sports, like football and paddle, but more than anything I enjoy Nature. As a true, nature-loving Swede I hunt for moose, wild boar, and deer to name a few. And I love fishing too. Pike and perch in the fantastic Stockholm archipelago, char and grayling in the mountain lakes up north. I particularly like fly fishing in the summer, although the abundance of mosquitos add a less enjoyable element of hunting. My father-in-law also introduced me to ice fishing which is rather special and very fun.


Where does this fascination with Nature come from?

It comes quite naturally, no pun intended, for most Swedes. We are a relatively small nation with huge forests, a long coastline, some 400,000 moose, 300,000 wild boars, bears, and lots of other wildlife. On a more personal note, I enjoy the company of family, friends, and business associates who share my interests.

Hunting moose in the autumn has been an annual, very enjoyable family tradition for more than 15 years, this is really a lifelong interest. As for fishing, I bought my first boat at the tender age of 16, and a countryside cottage at 30.

What about more exotic wildlife adventure?

Exotic is a relative thing. Every now and then a brown bear appears when you least expect it. And once the forest was so calm and quiet that an owl landed on my rifle barrel. A rather disrespectful way to treat a hunter, isn’t it?

A rather disrespectful way to treat a hunter

Most of the time it’s nice and quiet, simple and unpretentious, just the way I like it. The forest, the mountains, the birds in the sky, and the archipelago just around the corner… that kind of environment effectively takes away any 24/7 stress you may suffer from. And the joy of catching something rare, like the sea trout that I caught when celebrating my 50th birthday. Dear memories shared with friends and family.


Finally, is there anything about hunting and fishing that reminds you about your work life?

Ha ha, not much. But, if you really push it: You’ve got to know and understand the needs and habits of the creature. You’ve got to focus on the right ones. And you’ve got to be thoroughly prepared for each encounter. As for fishing, I might add that you need to identify and offer the exactly right bait, something that really attracts your fish. Or potential buyer. And some of them – moose, trout or buyer – may need another year or two before they become a really great catch.

So not that different after all, right? Thank you Per, have a really wild summer out there!

Have a really wild summer out there!

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