Patrick Kämpe started Linux and Unix programming at the tender age of eleven. Now, as Phyron’s Chief Technical Officer he manages the company’s international development team in Dubai and Stockholm.

You are obviously a hands-on kind of CTO. What kind of tech challenges are you and your team addressing?

To put it simply we are striving to find new, ever better ways to analyze and manage gigantic volumes of data. Like, rendering a hundred thousand different videos simultaneously, as fast and cost-efficiently as possible. Or when we connect a new partner with a thousand new dealers, each with hundreds of cars in stock. Big numbers …


Sometimes our customers come up with new creative ideas that call for special technical solutions but efficiency and scalability are always at the heart of what we do. We are really at the cutting-edge here, often treading unknown grounds, and learning on the go.

“We are continuously striving to find new, ever better ways to analyze and manage gigantic volumes of data”

But with growing numbers, we also find new opportunities. So we go back to square one and look for even better and faster ways ahead.

Somebody said that you´re getting tired of the expression Artificial Intelligence?

Haha, yes, I generally prefer “machine learning”. We mainly use it for cleaning up image backgrounds, and to recognize specific car features, analyze image angles, and so forth. I also prefer to describe our work in terms of solving technical and repetitive tasks with machine learning.

You are in Dubai with vital parts of your team located in Stockholm, how does that work for you?

When I took this job I was already established in Dubai, and here I have easy access to a large pool of skilled and talented people from all over the world. Andreas and Johan are two first-class developers, I have known and worked with them for some 15 years, and in that perspective, the fact that they are based in Stockholm is just a minor complication. We meet up every now and then, less often now with the corona of course, but that will hopefully be over soon.

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So, what’s it like to live and work in Dubai?

My family and I are at home here, and I love my work which is essentially the same wherever I happen to be. This is where the kids go to pre-school and school, and it’s a very safe and very international community where we enjoy the company of other ex-pat families from various parts of the world. I don’t mind the nice and sunny weather either, so I have no intention of moving in the foreseeable future.

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