When car dealers run out of cookies

When car dealers run out of cookies

In recent years, manufacturers and resellers in many industries have often relied on “cookies” to keep track of potential buyers as well as established customers.

Now all the tech giants seem to agree that those days will soon be over, and that “the tracking cookie continues to crumble” as one insightful blogger put it. Towards the end of this 11 minutes informative read, he concludes:

A balance between personalization and privacy appears to be what people want. A recent Harris Poll survey revealed that 63 percent of consumers expect personalization “as a standard of service.” But they also expect and deserve to have the choice to be tracked or not, to get a personalized experience or not, and to see ads or not.

The days of finding workarounds are over. If marketers focus on making advertising more relevant and less invasive, consumers will likely see the value of it an choose to allow it in their digital lives.”

Well said. One way of making advertising “more relevant and less invasive” is of course to present the product as life-like as possible and with all relevant facts in plain sight.

When car dealers run out of cookies

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