Tiemeyer’s automated showroom “The best way to present a car”

Customized sales videos for every car in stock

Tiemeyer redefines car sales in Germany in September 2020! Tiemeyer was the first car dealership in Germany to introduce automated, AI-enhanced video sales presentations for every new and used in stock. The results in the first months are overwhelming.

Carsten Ziemek, head of sales / used cars at Tiemeyer, says

“We understand the importance of the digital showroom. And there, the focus is all about the presentation of the cars and video is by no doubt the best way to present a car.”

Looking into the future, he adds

“By showing videos for all cars, we definitely made a huge leap into the future. To realize that, we chose the Swedish supplier Phyron, that developed a system, that produces all those videos automatically – it did not cost us a single extra man-hour!”

Fully automated solution

Video is universally recognized as the most effective way to engage potential buyers. But every customer has unique interests and preferences, and with hundreds or thousands of unique cars in stock it used to be an unrealistic option. In 2020 Swedish video tech pioneer Phyron launched the world’s first fully automated AI-enhanced video solution. In seconds, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the system identifies the best and most relevant selling points of each individual car. And combines regular photographs, facts and figures about the car, brand imagery and retailer services into relevant, highly effective presentations.

“This speeds up the buying process and reduces capital cost, says Marek Andreasson, Phyron’s Country Manager Germany: Dealers like Tiemeyer can attract more buyers with more attractive presentations, and speed up sales. A Norwegian dealership using the same system recently reported fully 9 day faster turnover of cars in stock.”

The effective production of sales promotion online and in showrooms should also result in lower costs. Furthermore, customers can get in touch with the responsible sales person directly by clicking the mail, telephone or SMS function within the video. That way, the videos alone generate high numbers of leads every day. “I can only begin to guess what this is worth in terms of brand recognition and dealer preference”, says Marek Andreasson and continues: “Tiemeyer is known for their innovative approach, which makes them a perfect partner for us. Video helps them engaging the buyer faster and makes each car stand out for the right buyers. Shortening the buying process means reducing costs.”

Phyron’s Video+AI solution is the world’s first automated system for automated video production and distribution system for the automotive industry. Last month, their customers’ car videos were viewed more than five million times.


Never mind the advanced technology. To fully recognise the power of Phyron in your marketing strategy you’ve got to see it with your own eyes.