The effect of a digital transformation.

What’s interesting in terms of the increasing digitalization is that the source to it all are the customers of today. Organizations are forced to change their models and strategies in order to keep up with the new marketing conditions. 

Regardless of how your information is being delivered – customers expect content. Content which is of huge relevance to them in their own life. To market your services or products accordingly, organizations must take advantage of a forefront technology to deliver the customer experience expected.

Digital transformation & customer experience

In a study made by PWC a huge amount of organizations answered that the customer experience was one of the most important questions when asked what factors influence the organization’s decisions to apply a more digital transformation. When it comes to companies undergoing a digital transformation, they stated that they are experiencing a much-increased engagement, loyalty and conversion.

Today, the customer is in the driver’s seat and in order to create a better customer experience, you must first understand who the new digital customer actually is.

The digital customer.

Mobile devices, apps, machine learning, automation and much more enable customers to get the information they want, almost instantly, when they need it. In addition, the new digital solutions provided have led to a change in customers’ expectations, which has created a new type of modern buyer. This can be described as a buyer who is constantly connected, is an experienced user of various apps and who knows what the technology can be used for.

The opportunities that arise through the use of modern technology lead to customers first and foremost assessing organizations based on their digital customer experience. This digital focus means you need to revise the methods you use to interact with customers. How do you meet this new, digital customer? By applying a forefrontal, digital focus to your business.




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