Large, cool and designed almost like a house. That is how the future of transport solutions would look like according to Danish car designer, Anders Warming who recently brought new life to Swedish auto manufacturer Saab.

The new concept, X_Ray Vision is designed by Anders Warming, who has his entire professional background in the automotive industry. His previous experience lies with giants such as Volkswagen and BMW.

As of today, his clients are mainly Chinese, including manufactures such as Borgward as well as powerful, Evergrande Group. Evergrande is also known for owning Nevs and as the co-owner of Koenigsegg. Latest achievement to add onto Warmings resume is the sketch of the completely new car concept, Saab X_Ray Vision.


Foto: Warming Design GmbH
Foto: Warming Design GmbH


The full luxury vehicle is meant to breath future. It has an architectural design, with panoramic glass windows and with two giant gull-wing doors on each side. The turn on the C-pillar is recognisable from the Saab 9-5 model and so is the wide taillight ramp, but other from those two details, this is a completely new and innovative take in terms of car manufacturing.

The generous amount of indoor space should make the potential, future Saab trips relaxed, comfortable and very cool. The interior is very stripped down and of course the designer makes sure to take extra care of the passengers by providing a modern space to travel in.

The X_Ray Vision is so far a pure desktop product, although, with Warming’s wide network in China, who knows… Perhaps this will become a reality to drive in the near future?


Foto: Warming Design GmbH
Foto: Warming Design GmbH



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