Their automated videos are played millions of times every day: “We have sky-high demands on our cloud hosting.”

On October 13th 2020 an article was published by The article gracefully describes the ongoing and successful collaboration between Hosting partner Internet Vikings and SaaS-company Phyron. Read a short, English summary from the article right here;

Swedish Phyron creates automated product videos for several of Europe’s largest car dealers, which requires the exact right partnership behind the scenes.

The video solution signed by the innovative, Swedish company, is simple: Take as much product information as possible, include static images, ad AI and enter it into a completely automated system. The results? A never before seen, personal, informative, dynamic commercial on every single product in your range. These videos are ready to be played on websites, listings, online stores and in all your social channels. Using artificial intelligence, Phyron’s features also analyses the product’s key qualities and promotes them.

“The choice of Internet Vikings has been obvious.”

For Patrick Kämpe, CTO at Phyron, the choice of internet Vikings has been obvious. The Swedish hosting company has all Phyron’s video files, as well as video players, customer portals and statistics. An extra SLA – Service Level Agreement also provides lightning-fast service around the clock.

“If you compare with the big cloud suppliers, it would have cost extremely much more. The Vikings founders are technically very knowledgeable and offer the level of service and redundancy we need to be sure that our customers get what they pay for.”Patrik Kämpe, CTO, Phyron

However, you do not have to sell millions of video views to review your hosting provider. Patrick Kämpe points out that it is possible to start on a small scale.

“Internet Vikings is a Swedish provider with a global presence. They charge for the actual use, which makes it easy to start small. Then as the business grows, they have all the components needed to feel safe – they have multiple data centers, a lot of bandwidth and constant monitoring of uptime, latency and abnormal calls. For us, it’s a perfect partner to grow with.

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Never mind the advanced technology. To fully recognise the power of Phyron in your marketing strategy you’ve got to see it with your own eyes.