In the eye of the storm – that’s automotive marketing.

Extreme challenges and opportunities

Throughout my more than 15 years in marketing and distribution I have always felt the winds of Change. Radical change – in several industries – as the unavoidable consequence of digitalization, global competition and new environmental challenges. But never as intense and exciting as here and now. The very pace of disruptive evolution is resulting in more intense development of new products, distribution forms and services.

The automotive industry is in the very eye of the storm. Owning and driving your own car has been taken for granted in our modern society, and not just for practical purposes. Most people enjoy the feeling of an independency, freedom, and outright driving fun.

But we also feel responsible for our planet. After more than a century with fossil fuels, the entire industry is moving (more or less) rapidly toward new technologies, new forms of ownership and services.

The Who and the How

From a marketing and communication point-of-view we also need to overcome some widespread misconceptions. Many people seem to believe that environmental concern cannot be a natural part of driving pleasure. Or that driving a fun car like BMW would be particularly bad for Mother Earth. In fact, the company is deeply committed to a fossil-free society and to the technology transformation now underway.

This complete metamorphosis runs way deeper than engine technologies. The BMW factories in Bavaria, Germany are inspiring in terms of energy efficiency and environmental concern. And some of our car models are already nearing total recycling.

As Marketing manager of Bavaria, a leading Scandinavian BMW reseller, this is only one of several exciting tasks. One vital question is Who we are addressing. New digital technology enables us to address customized information to specific target groups, individual companies and other fleet buyers.

Another, equally important question is How we do it. To give each potential buyer and driver the most relevant and exciting experience we now use automated video to make every single car stand out in the best possible way.

I also enjoy our strategic cooperation with Vi-skogen, a Swedish NGO committed to the replanting of African forests. Within this cooperation we have started our journey to become a more sustainable retailer. We decrease our footprint as well as helping to prevent poverty, which also is important for a sustainable future.

We have some challenging and interesting times ahead of us, for sure.

Peter Sjöström Marketing Manager, Bavaria Sweden


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