First car distributor to apply a fully automated video solution.

DIN BIL with the Volkswagen brand is the first company in the automotive world to introduce a fully automated video solution.

In just a few years digitalisation has radically transformed the buying journey for cars. Today a rapidly growing share of the journey takes place online, and with successively fewer visits to the physical showrooms. ”At the same time we sell more and more cars”, says Jonas Hagström, regional Sales manager for used cars ay Din Bil/VW in Stockholm, Sweden. ”The difference is that the physical buying journey has become faster and shorter. And that it starts on digital platforms.” 

”By generating and publishing unique videos for every single used car we take a giant leap to be even more visible online, and at the same time making the customer experience more attractive and vibrant.”

By using video for the entire product range, Volkswagen Stockholm has increased traffic from Google with up to 33 percent, and with a fully 32.4 percent higher conversion rate” says Peter Borelius, Head of Business Development at Din Bil, who initiated the video project.


Until now the problem has been that video production is both expensive and time consuming, and in practice limited to relaying relatively generic and superficial information. But car buyers usually want specific and detailed facts. Every car model is offered in a number of versions and with a range of optional accessories that can, more or less, be the deciding factor for a car buyer. And in the used car section each year model comes with an even wider range of engine alternatives, colours and options.

As the first car distributor in the world, VW/Din Bil has invested in a solution for automatically generated video. As a first step specific images, technical data, prices and relevant links have been collected for every single used car in stock. This information is automatically transformed to attractive sales information that can be as easily updated or complemented. Now the group will also introduce the video solution for all SKODA, AUDI and SEAT cars.

Din Bil Sverige represents the brands Volkswagen, Volkswagen Transportbilar, Skoda, Audi, Seat and Porsche on the Swedish markets. The first brand to introduce automated video was Volkswagen, and now the entire group follows suit with the Skoda, Audi and SEAT.



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