One of the first things you hear about buying journeys in advertising school is A.I.D.A., short for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Old school but equally valid in the digital age, not least in car advertising.

It starts with the targeted buyer: A human being driven by needs, wants, and a bagful of emotions. And few buying decisions are as emotionally loaded as the one relating to your next car. So it takes more than facts and figures to attract and engage the right buyer.

ATTENTION!  Regardless of ad formats, visual impact is key. A photo of the car certainly helps, but a video would beat a still picture any day of the week. More attractive, and with better chances of engaging the buyer.

INTEREST!  Once you’ve got the viewer’s attention, he or she must stay engaged long enough to fully appreciate the features most important to him or her. Ticking off the exactly right brand, year model, features, colour, condition, mileage, and so forth.


Imagine if you could convey all that within seconds in an exciting video, inside the ad itself.

DESIRE!  To really wet the car buyer’s appetite, you would love to highlight the best features visually as well, wouldn’t you? The best reasons-to-buy, presented in the most tempting way. Much like you would do it in the physical showroom.

ACTION! At this point you really want the buyer to do something. In your physical showroom, you might want them to pick up brochures or, even better, get in touch with somebody on the sales floor. Maybe even book a test drive, and then it’s all up to the car and you.

Now, imagine the viewer responding to similar trigger points, inside the online ad!

No, this is not science fiction; it happens right now. More than 900 leading dealerships around Europe already use a game-changing video-based solution to boost their car ads and energize car buyers, every step of the A.I.D.A. way.

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