I love true entrepreneurs. That rare breed of passionate doers and daredevils, breaking the rules, taking huge financial risks, thinking way outside the proverbial box. Totally committed to The Big Idea.

Like the ones that dreamed up the first electric car. Or power steering. The first automatic gearbox. New forms of car ownership. Or, for the dealers, the first workable solution for mass-customized sales videos. Mass customized, as in generating a thousand unique videos in real-time.

Personally, I don’t carry that special entrepreneurial gene, but I do enjoy working in the energizing shadow of those who do. And it takes a village of hardworking souls to make their ideas come true.

As a copywriter, I served large, multinational b2b clients for decades. Companies founded by brilliant entrepreneurs some fifty or a hundred years ago. Now fighting hard to stay clear of corporate elephantiasis in a new, fast-moving business world. A very educational experience.

In the new millennium, I have almost exclusively worked with young tech entrepreneurs. Young, as in younger than my own beloved children. It’s rejuvenating, challenging, and great fun, especially when the products and solutions are renewing Marketing itself. Like account-based marketing or, that’s right, automated video.

Video has always been recognised by advertisers as the most lifelike and therefore most powerful means of presenting a product. But, unfortunately, too costly and time-consuming to bring the thousand or more new and used cars found at a major dealership to life. Each one different in terms of brands, colours, specifications, year models, mileage, and general condition. 

Too slow and costly to produce, until somebody envisioned and developed a better way, easily scalable to conquer the world. Now, the sky is the limit.

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