Mini Cooper turns 20 years old – This is what the next 20 years hold for the brand.

Everyone recognizes a mini when it rides down any street of the world. The model came in 1959, but in 2000 the brand was launched according to how we know it today. A much wider range of models has followed ever since. Nowadays, the fleet is very slimmed down and the core values are picked out to be mixed with electrification.   

 20 years ago, the “new” mini was launched as a brand created by BMW, a concept that was shown as early as back in 1997 by the German manufacturer. Ever since, about four million cars have rolled off the conveyor belts at Oxford. These cars have later taken their place in about 100 countries of the world.

After broadening the range of different models, the future spells electrification. In 2009, the first innovative steps were made with 500 copies of electric Mini Coopers. Later in 2017, a charging hybrid technology came along and earlier during 2020, ‘Mini electric’ was launched – The brand’s first major investment in pure electric power.

The upcoming electrified cars will include a three-door model, a new small crossover model and a crossover in the compact segment – Countryman. The next generation of Countryman will be available with both internal combustion engines and rechargeable powertrains, otherwise the Mini aims to become a pure electric car brand.

Mini has a clear vision; to clean up the range and make the brand even clearer. The convertible version of the original model Cooper and combi Clubman will even be removed from the range. The Mini Cooper will be more compact, which is the core of the entire brand. At the same time, the classic Countryman will grow to take on the hot mid-range segment.

In terms of design, the larger and the smaller models may differ from each other, but the Mini will retain its retro design, which is also the brand’s hallmark. In 2023, electric cars will begin to be manufactured in China, built on a completely new platform. This is done together with the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors, which aims to sell one million electric cars by 2025, including Mini cars.



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