The Instagram story and the fear of missing out – Are you taking the bait?

We are constantly being provided with (what I like to call it) daily inspiration in some way. If you’re looking closely – it’s everywhere. In my opinion, there are so many things that inspire me on a daily basis, it’s actually quite hard to keep up sometimes. Some may say i’m a victim of my […]

Will you fall for the irresistible power of a storyteller? Let’s try it out!

A storyteller’s very personal story Dead tired but full of adrenalin, my team was gathered in a crowded room, finishing the last details of our extensive video project. A project in which we had invested a zillion work hours and tons of creative energy through the past 18 months. The project that could restart my […]

Swedish fashion e-retailer tries out new marketing strategy – “It truly works!”

Swedish fashion retailer Johnells – a pioneer in automated video Johnells is one of Sweden’s oldest and most established but, in several ways most modern innovative fashion retailers. This multi-brand retail chain markets premium designer clothes for both men and women from the likes of Karl Lagerfeldt, Moschino, Versace Jeans Couture and others. Some of […]

Do buyers perceive you as old? Or juvenile?

What products, services or ideas do we buy? Where do we look for trustworthy information about them? And how do we perceive communication from different suppliers or brands? One vital aspect of all that is “age”, but not necessarily the way you think. Some people somewhat claim that “age is just a number”. But we […]

What can today’s B2C learn from old school B2B?

As consumers, traditional media tends to confront us with more or less generic b2c advertising. As for b2b, we are mainly exposed to it via specific industry, business or professional channels. And with increasingly niched media and sales channels a fair share of the b2b content should be reasonably relevant to you. Two totally different […]

Once upon a time…

SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME we have gathered around warming fires for shared protection, togetherness, and more or less inspired storytelling. The most loved and best remembered stories are often pretty simple, but told in a vivid, colorful and engaging way. Which, for most of us, has always been easier said than done. According to […]

Swedish real estate agency leads the way

“Video helps us bring every single object to life” In both 2018 and 2019 Svensk Fastighetsförmedling won the prestigious ServiceScore award for “best customer treatment and service” in the Swedish real estate industry. Viveca Mellberg is in charge of Business Development & Partners. “It confirms that we do it right, leading the way in our […]

A perfect match in ecommerce marketing

“What a great way to start a New Year!” Hi Sofia. Why do you find the e-commerce business so exciting? One reason why I absolutely love it is the fast pace. New ideas grow into real customer experience and revenues in no time. And I expect 2020 to be at least as fast. “ … […]

15 divisions, 300 product pitches – and ONE visual story

Can you afford the ultimate solution? In large companies there are almost always a huge gap between product/segment vs corporate marketing; a gap that virtually guarantees the inefficient use of the company’s total resources. What kind of impact can you even hope to achieve after dividing an already moderate marketing budget into 10 or 20 […]

A proven shortcut into Google’s first page

Would video really make it 53 times more likely to reach the top of Google? Such a claim (made by an interactive agency a couple of years ago) seems to be slightly exaggerated. But, after scrolling statistics from more reliable sources, there should be no doubt that video would give you the most effective shortcut […]