15 divisions, 300 product pitches – and ONE visual story

Can you afford the ultimate solution? In large companies there are almost always a huge gap between product/segment vs corporate marketing; a gap that virtually guarantees the inefficient use of the company’s total resources. What kind of impact can you even hope to achieve after dividing an already moderate marketing budget into 10 or 20 […]

A proven shortcut into Google’s first page

Would video really make it 53 times more likely to reach the top of Google? Such a claim (made by an interactive agency a couple of years ago) seems to be slightly exaggerated. But, after scrolling statistics from more reliable sources, there should be no doubt that video would give you the most effective shortcut […]

The imminent death of boring online sales

It doesn’t really matter if you’re selling fashion, shoes or other goods online: if your goods or services are presented in miniature pictures and boring text, you will soon lag behind your more forward-looking competitors.   Inspired by a world of vivid entertainment, today’s consumers increasingly lead their lives and do their shopping to the tune […]

Could your family survive three months without a car?

Unique experiment reveals opportunities and challenges Today, governments, universities, commercial companies and NGOs around the world are pushing themselves to find answers to the environmental challenges without losing the conveniences of modern civilization. In 2018 the University of Umeå in northern Sweden asked 10 ordinary families with kids and teenagers to leave their family cars […]


A real-life adventure – at any age The first time me and my young wife bought a house, we were twenty something and expected our third child, it wasn’t really about the more than doubled floor space, or the size of the garden. It was rather about claiming our space in the grown-up society, owning […]

In the eye of the storm – that’s automotive marketing

Extreme challenges and opportunities Throughout my more than 15 years in marketing and distribution I have always felt the winds of Change. Radical change – in several industries – as the unavoidable consequence of digitalization, global competition and new environmental challenges. But never as intense and exciting as here and now. The very pace of […]

First car distributor to apply a fully automated video solution

DIN BIL with the Volkswagen brand is the first company in the automotive world to introduce a fully automated video solution. In just a few years digitalisation has radically transformed the buying journey for cars. Today a rapidly growing share of the journey takes place online, and with successively fewer visits to the physical showrooms. […]

”I couldn’t believe it was true!”

Enhanced impact and higher conversion rates In her former life as an SEO consultant Ms. Lydia Nyberg acquired profound insights into several industries, but specialising in eCommerce. She especially found the element of cut-throat competition, and the opportunity to make a real difference, both exciting and challenging. Says Lydia: “What I really love about marketing […]

Automated video hits the UK

Swedish martech entrepreneurs reinvent eCommerce marketing    How do you apply video, the world’s most efficient marketing tool to thousands of unique products in real time – from online product pages through to social media? That’s not a million dollar question anymore. A few years ago, a team of Swedish seasoned martech entrepreneurs established Phyron […]

My grandfather would have loved to use video in his retail stores

As a traveling salesman in the 1950s, my grandfather Lars toured the country in a bus selling exclusive ladies’ coats. Together with his partner, my grandma, he successively expanded the business, establishing 15 Modedrive fashion stores around the country. I spent a lot of time hanging around their flagship store in Solna, talking with customers […]