Let’s face it: The ultimate consequences of AI or Artificial Intelligence in the wrong hands could be quite scary. Fortunately, AI can also be the ultimate tool to reap the full benefit of human imagination, decision-making, and productivity.

Essentially, it’s all about managing large numbers, exponential growth, and change way beyond our imagination. In the vehicle industry, AI is already playing a leading role in automation and in almost every aspect of product development.


Sustainable growth in transportation and retail

Cars, trucks and other vehicles are rapidly becoming smarter, safer, faster and less damaging to the environment. And smart car dealers offer more attractive services, while reducing inventory costs using AI-enhanced video sales tools. Public transportation will also use AI to facilitate life for passengers as well as management and technical maintenance staff.

Within a few years, self-driving vehicles are bound to affect many jobs throughout the transport and service sectors. But, following the demand for increasingly convenient access to information and services, there will be new business opportunities and jobs too.

A leading private bank, UBS projects that AI will lead to “a tremendous demand” for automation hardware. Which in turn should lead to sustainable growth, especially in transportation, healthcare, and retail.

Responsible business leaders and politicians will also make sure that robots and intelligent software remain under human control. One UBS economist predicts “a new golden age for artificial super-intelligence”. Whether it could also bring a golden age for smart car dealers remains to be seen.

“A new golden age for artificial super-intelligence”


Radical advances in quantum computing

Numerous articles have been published about previously unthinkable novelties like on-demand, unmanned flying drones. But the new business scenario is surely exciting enough without science fiction.

Radical advances in quantum computing and technology will significantly enhance our abilities to solve problems and address new challenges. 30 years ago nobody could even begin to imagine today’s vehicles, sales, or management tools. And the pace of continued evolution can be expected to be equally exponential.

At the heart of it all is the ever-accelerating development of AI. Huge numbers and exponential change are almost impossible for most of us to comprehend and deal with in an intelligent way. This is precisely why AI is changing everything.

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