The Instagram story and the fear of missing out – Are you taking the bait?

We are constantly being provided with (what I like to call it) daily inspiration in some way. If you’re looking closely – it’s everywhere. In my opinion, there are so many things that inspire me on a daily basis, it’s actually quite hard to keep up sometimes. Some may say i’m a victim of my own generation, but I can’t help wondering: Why do we decide to apply certain things on life and why does some interactions get to us in a way we can’t really explain?

Have you ever heard the expression “fear of missing out?”, well I have, and it pretty much runs my life. “Fear of missing out” is as simple as it sounds. 

It’s the feeling of (in some ways) panic when you are not taking part of something. Coming from a girl in my 20’s “fear of missing out” in my world could be the feeling of watching those new pair of winter boots on my favourite Instagramer’s new Instagram story. A sudden feeling of “I need those shoes right now before they sell out, and that’s the end of it” occurs in me. Isn’t it amazing how a short, not even that professional video, could create all of the feelings that “fear of missing out” actually brings? 

We are all video watchers; we all love a good video and we watch the stories we love over and over again. Perhaps it’s because we identify and relate to the stories we are being told. We let all of our emotions, along with a little bit of our own creative imagination predict a future outcome. Or even a future setting in life. Just like when I am totally taking the bait of a good Instagram video and it makes me imagine myself walking around in those pair of winter boots on my next ski trip, for example. Sometimes, we buy not only a product – we buy a vision of something to come. 

The e-retailers that are helping us create these visions are not only in the right state of mind in terms of the new century we just entered. But they are also motivating us to take action on our feelings, they encourage us to keep telling stories and they keep us inspired. Simply by adding a story that captivates us. Everyone has a story to tell and I can’t wait for companies to start telling their stories directly on their websites. Because after all, shouldn’t the actual source to my winter boots have the best story of them all?