Swedish fashion e-retailer tries out new marketing strategy – “It truly works!”

Swedish fashion retailer Johnells – a pioneer in automated video

Johnells is one of Sweden’s oldest and most established but, in several ways most modern innovative fashion retailers. This multi-brand retail chain markets premium designer clothes for both men and women from the likes of Karl Lagerfeldt, Moschino, Versace Jeans Couture and others.

Some of the company’s competitors focus exclusively on either men’s or ladies’ clothes, and some only market their products online. In contrast, Johnells offers contemporary fashion for both sexes, taking full advantage of an omni-channel strategy. 

“But what really defines us is our strategic focus on customer experience paired with a dedicated hands-on approach to the product range”, says Nico Ahlquist, e-commerce manager and member of the management team since 2018. “To find the most interesting new collections, we regularly visit fashion shows and designers in Milano and other major centers. There, our professional buyers can get first-hand impressions of new materials and design features, and select next season’s winning collections.”

Fashion consumers are also driven by visual experience, both in physical stores and increasingly also online. Considering the dedicated work invested by Johnell’s buyers in Milano and elsewhere, it only seems fair that their high ambition and tireless efforts are also mirrored in the company’s online web catalog and marketing.

“Our most strategic focus is on customer experience”

In an industry characterized by cut-throat competition, Johnells combines a healthy stability (the company was founded in 1893!) with never-ending business development. E-commerce has been around since the early 1990s and continues to evolve in terms of both technology and marketing. Says Nico Ahlquist:

“Last year we launched a more inviting web store, featuring an attractive video-enhanced product catalog. We already enjoy really good traffic flows, our primary aim for the video initiative was to improve the  customer experience and conversion rates. Customers seem to prefer video, and it truly works! Almost immediately after introducing automated video for every product we could see how our visitors stay much longer on the site, so they obviously like it better.”

During the second half of 2019, Johnells and Phyron evaluated alternative ways to optimize the visual impact even more for faster response times and smooth workflows.

The fact that website visitors prefer video is widely recognized, and it’s not just a matter of preference. Staying longer on the site clearly increases the opportunities to buy, while at the same time enhancing brand recognition and appreciation.

“Inspired by existing Phyron applications in the automotive sector, we moved from static still images to much more engaging product videos. In this way we can actively promote each product’s USPs”, says Nico Ahlquist. “I look forward to developing our cooperation further, with regular meetings to analyze results and explore new creative ideas.”