Swedish real estate agency leads the way

“Video helps us bring every single object to life”

In both 2018 and 2019 Svensk Fastighetsförmedling won the prestigious ServiceScore award for “best customer treatment and service” in the Swedish real estate industry. Viveca Mellberg is in charge of Business Development & Partners.

“It confirms that we do it right, leading the way in our industry”

You are obviously onto something good … exactly what are you doing differently than other real estate agents?   

“ServiceScore measures how Swedish consumers perceive the treatment and service provided by companies in various industries. And that’s exactly what it’s all about for us at Svensk Fast: To give our very best, always with the customer’s interests in mind. Both the buyer and the seller should not just feel well cared for, but also that they made the deal of their lives.  Getting the highest score for customer treatment and service simply confirms that we do it right, leading the way in our industry.

When you say “customer service”, is this mainly about the buyers or the sellers?

Sellers, buyers, other guests to our house showings, or when we are helping someone estimate the value of their home, when we are providing general advice about selling, when we are planning the home owning strategy for the long-term. In our book everyone is equally important.

What has the perceived high service level meant for your market success?

Looking for a real estate agent, people increasingly trust recommendations from friends and acquaintances, based on their experiences. Social media has also resulted in increased transparency. The experience from our previous customers also has an affect on our own business.

How important is communication for the perceived customer benefits?

It’s extremely important to give each property a fair presentation, and to guide both the seller and the buyer through the entire process. A well-functioning support system helps each customer to continuously monitor what is going on. But, ultimately, the agent is always in charge, keeping in touch with the client via meetings and telephone. 

We also encourage all buyers, sellers and other guests at our showings to share their experience via the independent recommendations site Reco. Anything to make it easier for new clients/customers to choose the right real estate agent.

What does a typical buying journey look like?

Ultimately, the client should involve the realtor early, ideally as soon as they consider selling their house or apartment. Not just to enable proper planning, but to list the object on our own site as a pipeline offer before actually advertising it. This way we can await the perfectly right buyer during an extended period, and also catch the interest of known potential buyers in our files. Sometimes avoiding advertising or open showings all together.

We have also developed a unique service for advertising in social media, where we specifically address people with the right profile who are interested in the specific type of property at hand.

“All our properties are presented
with video on our website … also reflected in our performance”

Any other marketing activities that have worked well for you?

Beyond the already mentioned examples, we work actively with video. Since August 2019 all our properties are also presented with video on our website. This grants every single one great exposure, which is also reflected in our performance.

Your marketing is obviously well developed compared to other Swedish realtors. What about the real estate business in other European countries?

In terms of video marketing, Nordic real estate agents seem to be ahead of other European countries. There, video may primarily be of interest for the most exclusive market segments.

Viveca Mellberg
Business Development