15 divisions, 300 product pitches – and ONE visual story

Can you afford the ultimate solution?

In large companies there are almost always a huge gap between product/segment vs corporate marketing; a gap that virtually guarantees the inefficient use of the company’s total resources.

What kind of impact can you even hope to achieve after dividing an already moderate marketing budget into 10 or 20 tiny pieces? The other challenge is of course about messages; how can you help each sales rep convey the most powerful and relevant story to each particular buyer?

Automated video – everywhere, 365 days a year

In terms of impact, the most powerful tool is almost always video. But the common denominator between, say, 15 division or (God forbid) 800 products is at best a smooth but far too generic story that doesn’t really sell any products. So, if you want to promote all your products, the product managers in charge could only dream about the selling power of video. I know, I have been there – many times.

Like, trying to promote a large telecom group as a potential business partner; while at the same time pushing hundreds of products, represented by more than a dozen divisions, to an international audience. Regardless of products, media and channels, companies with a large product range face the same challenge.

What if you could turn the most attractive images of and most relevant buying motives for each product, and turn it into a smart video? Relay it through all your channels? Throughout the buying process? What if you could do it routinely, throughout the year, in all your markets, at a price that virtually any marketing manager could afford?

Now you can. Using automated video, even with thousands of products, you can give each one the visibility and specific presentation it deserves. And, Believe it or not, you can.