The imminent death of boring online sales

It doesn’t really matter if you’re selling fashion, shoes or other goods online: if your goods or services are presented in miniature pictures and boring text, you will soon lag behind your more forward-looking competitors.  

Inspired by a world of vivid entertainment, today’s consumers increasingly lead their lives and do their shopping to the tune of moving pictures, not least online. They go for video when they can, and the search engines love it too. So, video generates even better results.

Give every product a fat chance

The main reason why so many online marketers still hang on to dated and inefficient marketing tools is the widespread misconception that they couldn’t afford a more cost-effective technology. A misconception because a whole new breed of automated video production is now providing affordable individually produced video presentations at a fraction of the cost for traditional video production.

How many dormant products are waiting on your shelves to be discovered and appreciated by the right consumer? In mere minutes you can produce high-quality videos for each one, with updated images, prices and inspirational links for each one. Videos to be used on your website as well as in ads, social media and follow up customer dialogues. Videos that can as easily be adapted to other languages.

Automated video generation by Phyron is conveniently available via software-as-a-service, and a growing number of small and medium-sized retailers are already reaping the fruits.

The retailer simply provides the required data and images and connects to an external system. The company’s existing website is not affected at all. Says Per Laredius, sales director at Phyron’s international head office in Stockholm:

“This means that you can try it out without risking any disturbances in the company website. And it’s fast. On average, online retailers subscribing to the service have launch complete video services within 2-3 weeks after signing up. And the results in the form of increased traffic and conversions are literally showing within days.”

Increased reach and visibility, more exciting product presentations, faster time to market, and lower cost. It sounds a lot like the imminent death of traditional e-commerce marketing.