A real-life adventure – at any age

The first time me and my young wife bought a house, we were twenty something and expected our third child, it wasn’t really about the more than doubled floor space, or the size of the garden. It was rather about claiming our space in the grown-up society, owning our lives.

It was also about practicalities and lifestyles in a different kind of neighborhood for kids and grown-ups alike, and also turning a standardized house into a unique personalized home. (In all honesty, my young wife excitedly accepted the main responsibility for all that.) In short, it was a truly life changing experience. 

Some 40 years (and 9 houses) later we are at it again. And, funnily enough, it’s equally exciting to read the real estate agents’ online presentations. Looking at the pictures and playing around with ideas about rooms, and how our furniture and wall decorations might fit in.  

But none of that could bring us anywhere near the actual experience of walking through the rooms or looking out from the windows. Maybe to see the nearest school or train station?

Imagine if we could get all the pictures and drawings, cost calculations and descriptions of the surroundings on video! More informative and inspirational for sure, and one step closer to a real-life showing.  

They say all that can be done nowadays.