A proven shortcut into Google’s first page

Would video really make it 53 times
more likely to reach the top of Google?

Such a claim (made by an interactive agency a couple of years ago) seems to be slightly exaggerated. But, after scrolling statistics from more reliable sources, there should be no doubt that video would give you the most effective shortcut to the top. 

According to Backlinko, who systematically analyzed 5 million Google organic search results, they generate more than a third of all clicks, and with an average CTR of 3.

The first result in Google has the highest organic CTR
  • That shouldn’t surprise anyone. According to HubSpot, fully 85 percent of consumers want to see more brand videos on websites. And Unbounce reports that video on your landing pages can increase conversion rate by as much as 80 percent.

These and other key figures are easily available online, so let’s talk about the actual videos. Until recently video production was a slow, cumbersome and expensive affair involving a lot of people and a lot of money. A handful of companies could even think of making one for each product, much less keep them updated at all times. Well, now you can.

The astonishing efficiency of online video is essentially based on the fact that Google loves it as much as your customers do, so you get that extra boost. 

And the real beauty of it is that you don’t need an expensive Hollywood crew to do it, even a (seemingly) simple, automated video will do. Now you can add life and selling power to the thousands of potential best sellers hiding in the deep corners of your product catalog.