”I couldn’t believe it was true!”

Enhanced impact and higher conversion rates

In her former life as an SEO consultant Ms. Lydia Nyberg acquired profound insights into several industries, but specialising in eCommerce. She especially found the element of cut-throat competition, and the opportunity to make a real difference, both exciting and challenging. Says Lydia:

“What I really love about marketing is that it goes way beyond the initial attention grabbing, which is a challenge in itself when you’ve got thousands of unique products in your range. But the percentage of visitors that make it to conversion and purchase, is embarrassingly low and leaves a huge potential for improvement. And the most powerful tool for improving attention as well as conversion is video.”

Brand campaigns and seasonal changes

Lydia’s personal interest in film and video first evolved during her studies in southern California. Later, as an SEO specialist in Sweden, she soon came to appreciate the real power of video in terms of both impact and conversions:

“I also found that it doesn’t take an expensive Hollywood crew to please the search engines, even the simplest movement helps to optimize attention. For major eCommerce companies, with huge product ranges and frequent updates, video represents a major leap ahead. Making the most out of brand campaigns and seasonal changes in the fashion industry is a good example.

From costly, time-consuming and complicated
to an effective, easy-to-use marketing tool

Lydia also emphasizes the advanced technology behind Phyron’s unique, affordable and deceptively simple video production. She says:

“The ultimate benefit of the advanced technology developed by Phyron is that it has turned something that used to be costly, time-consuming and complicated into an effective and easy-to-use marketing tool.”

The minute Lydia came across Phyron Software all the pieces came together, she couldn’t believe it was true. Today, deeply involved in a rapidly growing number of live, high-performing Phyron accounts, she finds the most frequently asked question is “Amazing! How does it work?”